Julita's Sands: A Memoir

Julita's Sands: A Memoir - Emily Placido Julita's Sands is in the running for my favorite memoir of the year, if not my favorite book. Emily Placido has written a beautiful tribute to her mom, Julita, by sharing the story of her dementia and her experiences in taking care of her as she aged. It is a love story of a child rediscovering her mother as a person and giving back for all of the things that she did for her.

It was honest, heart-wrenching, powerful and reminded me of the joy of taking care of my own grandparents when they were battling Alzheimer's and getting older. Not every child is cut out for the job, but Placido stepped up to the plate and reaped the benefits.

If you loved The Notebook, check this one out.