Denial: A Memoir of Terror

Denial: A Memoir of Terror - Jessica Stern This is so not what I thought that it was going to be and I am very happy for that. Stern is musing on denial and its effects with PTSD in rape, war and any other trauma by looking back at the trauma of her own rape and rapist. Dispassionately Passionate is the phrase that kept coming to mind while reading. She faced tough issues, but never allowed her self to get stuck down in the dirty details of them. She also tries to answer the question, why is there so much shame involved in rape and sexual abuse? If you are mugged in central park or fought in Iraq, it is openly talked about and accepted. When it comes to talking about rape, a hush falls over the room and people scurry away uncomfortably.

So many memoirs written about rape end up traumatizing the writer and the reader all over again. By confronting this denial, Stern is opening the doors to healing and acceptance. Wonderful book!